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Faculty Instructional Support Services

Faculty Library Services: Emerging Technologies

About Emerging Technologies

It is the mission of the library to provide hands-on access to emerging technologies both in the library and online that inspire and support teaching and learning, and promote collaboration and teamwork. To accomplish our mission, we provide access to technologies such as 3D scanning/printing, digital media production software and hardware, poster printing, and a VR headset. All of these technologies are available for use by LSC-M faculty. Librarians are also available to consult with faculty on ideas for integrating these technologies into your courses.

Please contact the library if you plan on requiring or encouraging your students to use library technologies as many of our technologies require pre-planning and a protracted amount of time. Reservations are also required.  

To learn more, visit our Emerging Technologies guide or contact Cole Williamson at

Library Makerspace

A makerspace is a space where one can create using technology. The technology available can differ from space to space but, in general, makerspaces exist to provide access to cutting-edge technology and promote creative and critical thinking. The makerspace at LSC-M is designed to support the learning experience by providing access to technology that will let students and faculty find innovative solutions for assignments, group projects, and more.

To learn more, visit our Library Makerspace page or contact Cole Williamson at

Virtual Makerspace

LSC-Montgomery Library is dedicated to helping students and faculty achieve their goals in an online environment. Whether you're looking for presentation design options, group communication tools, or new ways to visualize data we can provide the tools to help. 

To learn more, visit our Virtual Makerspace page or contact Cole Williamson at

VR Hub

The Library has in its possession virtual reality (VR) hardware and software. This technology is available for LSC-Montgomery students, faculty, and staff to experience. 

To learn more, visit our VR Hub page or contact Cole Williamson at

Poster Printing

The library offers students access to a poster printer for class projects and recognized student organizations.

To learn more about integrating this technology into your curriculum, visit our Poster Printing page or contact Cole Williamson at