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Faculty Instructional Support Services

Faculty Library Services: Service Desk / Circulation

The library accepts course reserves for all classes offered at LSC-Montgomery and Conroe Center. If you wish to put an item on reserve, please fill out the Reserve Request Form and bring it to the library's front service desk. Items placed on reserve will be available for student use within 2-3 days.

The library will adhere to all copyright restrictions. Reserve items that are worn, badly marked, severely damaged or have not circulated during the semester will be removed from the course reserves and returned to the submitting faculty. Please contact Monica Cammack for assistance.

Visit our Course Reserves Guide for a list of items currently on reserve. 

What items may be placed on physical course reserves? Are there any limitations?

  • Textbooks and supplementals purchased, using department funds.
  • One copy of one chapter of a text or what consists of up to 10% of the text.
  • One copy of one journal article from a journal publication LSC Libraries do not subscribe to.
  • One copy of one poem, one short story, or one essay from a single volume.
  • Material that is in the campus library's circulating collection may be added to physical course reserves for one semester.
  • Material in the public domain.
  • Material for which written copyright permission has been granted.
  • Material that falls under Fair Use.

Limitations include:

  • Items that do not comply with Fair Use.
  • If more than one chapter or 10% of the work is needed, written permission from the publisher or copyright holder will need to be granted before it is placed on physical course reserves.
  • If multiple copies or more than one title from a journal publication the library does not subscribe to is needed, written permission from the publisher or copyright holder will need to be granted before it is placed on physical course reserves.
  • Materials obtained via interlibrary loan.
  • Copies of consumables (Ex: workbooks or exercise books).
  • Personally reproduced copyrighted audiovisual recordings.

Can review copies be placed on physical course reserves? What if the title only indicates that the item cannot be resold?

Instructor review copies, including instructor editions, instructor review only, instructor annotated copies and evaluation copies, cannot be placed on physical course reserves. 

If copyright indicates the material cannot be resold, then it can be placed on physical course reserves as long as it adheres to copyright. A closer look at the copyright statement will need to be conducted to indicate if the "not for resale" material can be stored in a retrieval system (Ex: course reserves).

Can items be placed on physical course reserves in subsequent semesters? Are there any limitations?

Materials cannot be placed on course reserves for subsequent semesters. If subsequent semesters are needed, the instructor will need to obtain written copyright permission from the publisher or copyright holder.

Another option the department has is to assign the material to a new instructor who is using the same textbook for the upcoming semester. For more information, see U.S. Code: Title 17, Section 107, Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair Use

Can items donated to the library be placed on physical course reserves?

Material donated to the library can be placed on physical course reserves; however, instructor editions of materials are not acceptable. For more information, see Library Gifts and Donations

LSCS faculty and staff IDs double as library cards. Please come to the library to activate your card. Once your card is activated, you will be able to access library resources both on campus and at home.

If you unable to come to campus, you can apply for a library card through the Lone Star College Library site. Upon request, your library card barcode and pin number will ONLY be sent to you via your email address. Your barcode number can be used to remotely access LSCS Libraries' e-Books, articles and more from our databases. 

As a faculty member your borrowing privileges include:

  • Borrow books, DVDs, CDs, and other materials through the library
  • Request items from other LSCS libraries, as well as Harris County Public Libraries and Montgomery County Memorial Libraries
  • Request items through Interlibrary Loan