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Faculty Instructional Support Services

Integrated Academic Support

Integrated Academic Support Services Program

About the Integrated Academic Support (IAS) Program

The primary goal of the IAS program is to integrate academic support services into courses with high FTIC enrollment in an effort to improve the successful completion rates among FTIC students by 5%. An examination of success rates revealed a significant gap in success among FTIC students enrolled in ENGL 1301, MATH 1314, HIST 1301, PSYC 2301, GOVT 2305, and ARTS 1301. While we are specifically targeting these courses, all faculty are invited to participate in the program.

We are seeking faculty who are willing to integrate academic support services directly into a course using one or more of the following methods:

  1. In-class introduction of academic support services provided by a STAR Center staff
  2. Scheduled study groups, workshops, content reviews, or other services
  3. Mandatory use of academic support services by referring at-risk students to use specific services
  4. Regular communication of academic support services at key times of the semester

Each of these methods can be customized to align with your course timeline, learning outcomes, and student needs. We’re happy to collaborate with you to add and/or customize services on request. Please click here for a complete list of academic support services.

If you are interested in integrating academic support services into your course, please complete the Integrated Academic Support Services Form

Academic Coaching: Individualized service focused on the student’s metacognitive skills in an effort to improve executive function and develop effective learning behaviors.

Tutoring: Individualized and group-based, course-content-focused learning assistance for a broad selection of courses, including accounting, science, technology/computing, English/writing, ESOL, math, and Spanish. Additional subject areas are available upon faculty request.

Workshops: Group sessions on a variety of topics, including specific course concepts and academic skills. These sessions are led by STAR Center staff, as well as faculty, and offer students an opportunity for hands-on practice. To view all of our currently scheduled workshops, visit Workshops & Events.

Study Groups: Scheduled, tutor-led study time designed to provide a space that promotes the development of effective learning behaviors. All students in a course are invited to join. A tutor reviews key concepts, models learning strategies, and assists the group in remaining focused on reaching session goals.

The Write Place: Services include free consultations in writing, ESOL support, reading, and public speaking to improve students writing, communication, and reading comprehension skills across the academic curriculum.


Targeted Events: Individual events intended to help overcome common barriers and better prepare specific groups of students for college success by bringing them together with relevant campus resources. Targeted groups include corequisite, first-time in college, first-generation, and Student Success Institute, students.


Research & Citation Help: Librarian-provided assistance navigating information resources, including identifying, evaluating, and applying resources, to support the academic research process.

Information Literacy Instruction: Librarian-led sessions designed to support the development of skills necessary to identify, find, evaluate, and apply information effectively, as well as navigate the resources available at Lone Star College. This service is also available in both asynchronous and synchronous online formats.

Library & Study Resources: Library collections, including the physical and electronic resources, the MakerLab, and course reserves, can be used to support the learning process. Custom online research guides can be created to guide the students to resources for a specific course or assignment.

Each service can be customized to support your course learning outcomes and meet the unique needs of your students. 

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