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Faculty Instructional Support Services

Workshops & Events

The STAR Center offers a wide selection of workshops for students. Our workshops are divided into two groups:

  • Course content-based: workshops that provide an in-depth review of core academic concepts, including math, college writing, writing mechanics, and test prep (including TSIA2 and HESI)
  • Academic skills workshops: that explore various skills that are key to academic success in college

All sessions are now available in-person and online. To view the schedule for all live workshops, visit STAR Center Workshops & Events. To view some pre-recorded workshops, visit STAR Center Academic Skills Video Series.

Copy, Paste & Share with Your Students:

The STAR Center (Student Tutoring And Research) offers a selection of student-focused workshops. These workshops are divided into two groups: course content-based workshops that provide an in-depth review of core academic concepts and academic skills workshops (S.A.S.S) that explore various skills that are key to academic success in college. These workshops help you learn or improve upon skills such as Time Management, Study Planning and Skills, Note Taking, Test Taking strategies, and many more!  All of these workshops are presented live (remotely) via WebEx on a rotating schedule. Also, some of these workshops have been pre-recorded for you to watch and benefit from at your leisure. To learn more, visit. To learn more about upcoming workshops, visit:

Faculty take a more active role in their student's learning process. When faculty lead the workshops, they can quickly identify and address gaps in students learning. It can prevent students from misunderstanding assignments or feeling left behind in coursework. That's why the STAR Center is seeking to collaborate with faculty to connect with students.
Faculty participation can consist of the following:  

  • Providing/selecting study topics  

  • Providing potential dates  

  • Facilitating sessions  

If you are interested in providing content-specific support and/or study skills-focused workshops, please submit this form: We will follow up with each submission and provide the support needed in facilitating the sessions, including assistance in creating the WebEx invitations and advertising. Faculty are welcome to sign up for any subject. 

Student Lingo offers a complimentary series of live workshops annually, covering relevant topics suggested by students and clients. The plan is to conduct six live workshops during the year, and each event presents a student scholarship opportunity...
Here are 10 ways in which faculty can utilize StudentLingo to provide support to their students:

  1. Include workshops as a resource on your syllabus 
  2. Recommend students watch the workshop Classroom Expectations & Behaviors and/or Improving Student-Faculty Relationships after the first day of class
  3. Use the Learning Strategies Every Student Should Know workshop to discuss study strategies and introduce Bloom’s Taxonomy 
  4. Encourage students to watch the test-taking strategies and test anxiety workshops before your first test
  5. Flip your classroom by assigning a workshop prior to class and discuss it for the first 5 minutes
  6. Show the Academic & Integrity Workshop during the first day of class
  7. Recommend students watch the 5 reading and writing workshops prior to the first paper
  8. Recommend our 4 online learning workshops if a student is taking online classes
  9. Suggest The Handling Failure In & Out Of The Classroom if a student doesn’t do well on their first test
  10. Use the StudentLingo Action Plans as assignments or extra credit