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Emerging Technologies in the Library

Overview of emerging technologies & services in the Library at LSC-Montgomery.

Library Makerspace

A makerspace is a space where one can create using technology.  The technology available can differ from space to space but, in general, makerspaces exist to provide access to cutting-edge technology, and promote creative and critical thinking.  The makerspace at LSC-M is designed to support your learning experience by providing access to technology that will let you find innovative solutions for assignments, group projects, and more.  Three "Maker Stations" make-up the makerspace and each station includes a variety of hardware and software.

See Maker Station pages for more information on station components and capabilities (menu on left).  

Using Makerspace Technology

At the time of your appointment a Librarian will introduce you to the technology reserved and be available to assist in a limited role.  A general understanding of the technology and its process, and familiarity with the steps required to produce a finished product is the responsibility of the user.  Please review all sections related to the technology you plan to use.