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Dual Credit Support Services: Librarian Resources

Librarian Resource Kit

Accessing College Library Resources

Student Access

Dual credit students have access to both physical and electronic (online) resources available through LSC-Montgomery Library. Students will need a Lone Star College library barcode to access these resources. The library barcode is printed on the back of the LSC Student ID card, but students who are not able to visit campus to get a physical ID card can request their barcode number via email.

Electronic Resources

All of the library's online resources, with the exception of the web resources, require a library barcode, PIN (last four digits of the patron's phone number), or an LSC student username and password. To learn more about getting a library barcode, click on the information below.

Physical Resources

Many of the library's physical items may be requested via the library catalog and delivered to a local public library for pick-up. Click on "Requesting Items from Other Locations" or "Requesting Items Not Found in the Catalog" below for more information. 

Librarian Access

High school and other learning resources staff are provided a LSC Library Barcode to assist DC students in accessing LSC Library resources to complete their assignments. High school librarians and support staff are encouraged to contact LSC Librarians for support, training, or to recommend resources to support dual credit students.


How to Obtain a Library Barcode

  1. Visit the LSC-Montgomery library to get a student ID card (which also acts as a library card).
    • Note: Students must have the following to get an ID card:
      • Lone Star College student ID number
      • Proof of current registration in a Lone Star College course 
      • Photo ID 
  2.  If you are unable to come to campus, you can request a library barcode be issued to you via email by filling out the following form:
    • Note: Students must use their email address to receive a library barcode via email.
      • If a student does not know their credentials, they can contact the Office of Technology Services (OTS) help desk at 832.813.6600.

For questions regarding the library barcode, please contact the LSC-Montgomery Library service desk at 936.273.7387.

Lone Star College Library Barcodes for Partner High School Librarians

To better help you assist your dual credit students, we would like to provide you with a library barcode that will give you access to the LSC-Montgomery research databases. The barcode number will be sent to your email and is for librarian use only to support dual credit students in completing their college assignments.

To request a library barcode contact Stefanie Anderson at

Requesting Items from Other Locations

If you did not limit your catalog search to a specific location your results will display all books, eBooks, CDs, and DVDs that are owned by all Lone Star campus libraries, Montgomery County Public Library, and the Harris County Public Library systems. These items may not be available on the shelf at LSC-Montgomery, but you can request the item through the catalog. This process is called "placing a hold".

Once you have located an item in the catalog, click on the title of the item to view the item record for more information. The information provided depends on the item; however, at the bottom of the record there will be a list of the libraries that have the item and the availability of the item.

Other Locations

If you have located a resource that is currently checked-out or is held at another location, you can place a hold on that item and designate where you would like to pick up that item. To place a hold:

  1. Click Place Hold in the upper right-hand corner of the record.
  2. Log into your account using a 13-digit library barcode and PIN. The barcode is found on the backside of the student ID or public library card. The PIN is the last four digits of the phone number used when the card was issued.
  3. Next, you may be prompted to choose a library for pick-up. If you were not prompted, this is because it has been designated in your account. This information is viewable and changeable under the Personal Information tab, select the Preferences dropdown and choose.
  4. Once the item you placed on hold becomes available, the selected location for pick-up will notify you either by a phone call or email, so make sure that all your personal information is current in the Personal Information tab.

You can see these steps and more by viewing the video below.


Requesting Items Not Found in the Catalog

If an item cannot be found in the library catalog or in the research databases, LSC students, faculty, and staff may request to borrow the resource from a library outside of the LSC consortium through the interlibrary loan (ILL) system by completing the interlibrary loan formThe general public has the availability of using ILL services via their local library where they hold a library account.

There are no guarantees that the resource desired is available or will be received by a certain time. Most ILL requests take anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the item, availability, location, and shipping.

Resources Guides

LSC-Montgomery resource guides are developed by LSC-Montgomery librarians and feature the resources available to LSC-Montgomery students. They provide your dual credit students with resources to help them get started on research assignments for their dual credit courses. These guides include recommended databases, ebooks, and reliable web resources. Dual credit instructors and high school librarians may request custom guides to support a course or specific assignment. To request a Course/Assignment Specific Resource Guide contact Stefanie Anderson at

The Dual Credit Student Academic Support Services guide was specifically designed to help dual credit students access available resources and services.


Student Library Services

In addition to the resources available at your high school, dual credit students have access to the academic resources and research assistants available at the LSC-Montgomery Library. These resources are summarized for students on the Dual Credit Student Services guide. The library is located in the STAR Center (Building F, 1st Floor); however, many of the resources and services are also available online and can be accessed off-campus from your high school, home, or other favorite place to study.


Dual credit students have access to both physical and electronic (online) resources available through LSC-Montgomery Library. Students access these resources with a LSCS library barcode. The library barcode is printed on the back of the LSC Student ID card, but students who are not able to visit campus to get a physical ID card can request their barcode number via email.

How Your Students Obtain a Library Barcode:

  1. Visit the LSC-Montgomery library to get your student ID card (which also acts as your library card).
    • Note: You must have the following to get your ID card:
      • Lone Star College student ID number
      • Proof of current registration in a Lone Star College course 
      • Photo ID 
  2.  If you are unable to come to campus, you can request a library barcode be issued to you via email by filling out the following form:
    • Note: You must use your email address to receive your barcode via email.
      • If you don't know your credentials, contact the Office of Technology Services (OTS) desk at 832.813.6600.

For questions regarding the library barcode, please contact the LSC-Montgomery Library service desk at 936.273.7387.

LSC-Montgomery librarians are here to help dual credit students maximize the available resources throughout the research process. In addition to answering general reference questions, librarians are also available to help students: 

  • Review their assignment to identify and clarify key requirements.
  • Find resources to ensure they have relevant and credible sources.
  • Make a research plan that aligns to the assignment and utilizes available LSC resources.
  • Review citations to confirm that the correct style and formatting are applied. 

Reference Desk (Bldg. F, 1st floor)

In-person assistance is available during our research help service hours in the STAR Center | Library.

Call, text, or email a librarian

Call: 936.273.7390
Text: 936.657.2174

Research Appointment

Submit a request for an appointment to meet with a librarian in-person or online.


Chat with a librarian

Click chat with a librarian to start an instant message. 


Resource Guides

View our resource guides to connect with subject-specific resources and other academic support services.  

Citation Guide

View our citation guide to ensure your sources are credited properly per your assignment citation style. 

Faculty Library Services

Dual credit instructors are invited to utilize all library faculty services available at LSC-Montgomery, including information literacy/library instruction, custom research guides, print and digital resources, digital course reserves, and much more. Learn more about our most frequently requested services:


Accessing Library Resources Off-campus

A library barcode is an important tool that not only allows you to check out physical materials from the library, but it also provides you access to the databases the library subscribes to that support your course learning objectives.

How to Obtain Your Library Barcode:

  1. Visit the LSC-Montgomery library to get your staff ID (which also acts as your library card). Note: You will need a form from your department before an ID can be issued.
  2. If you are unable to come to campus, you can request a library barcode be issued to you by filling out the following form:

For questions regarding the library barcode, please contact the LSC-Montgomery Library service desk at 936.273.7387.

Assignment Collaboration

Librarians are available to collaborate with dual credit instructors in a variety of ways. 

Options for collaboration include:

  • Designing effective assignments to meet your course learning outcomes. 
  • Adding a librarian into the D2L learning management system to provide research help.
  • Working with a librarian to include learning modules into your curriculum. Examples of possible modules include evaluating web resources, using databases, research topic development and citation tutorials.

To collaborate on an assignment contact Stefanie Anderson at

Information Literacy/Library Instruction

The library offers information literacy and research instruction that introduces students to the resources available at Lone Star College-Montgomery as well as helping students develop college-level research skills.

Instruction is available for your dual credit courses in several different formats:

  • In-Person Session
  • Synchronous Online Session (through WebEx)
  • Asynchronous Online Session (pre-recorded tutorial videos)

If you are interested in including an information literacy session in your course, reserve your spot now by filling out an Instruction Request Form or by contacting Stefanie Anderson at

Course/Assignment Specific Resource Guides

The librarians have created resource guides to support students doing research in the different subjects offered through LSC-Montgomery. These guides provide students with information on getting started with research in that particular subject and connect the students to the different resources the library has to support research in that field.

Dual credit instructors can request a course specific or assignment specific resource guide that will provide more tailored resources and information that your students will need in your course, or to complete assignments in your course.

Request a course/assignment specific resource guide by contacting Stefanie Anderson at

Dual credit students have access to all of the LSC research databases. Here are a few key databases that cover a wide variety of subjects and would be helpful as students start their research projects.

Tutoring & Academic Coaching

In-person and online academic support services are available to dual credit students in need of additional support. Tutors, writing consultants, and academic coaches can help students review concepts and identify effective study strategies for mastering course content both online and in-person. Students will need to use their LSC email credentials to access these services online. 

Subject Tutoring

Online and in-person tutoring sessions are offered in a broad selection of courses, including Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Computing, English, ESOL, Geology, Languages, Math, Social Sciences, and Physics. Learn More

Writing Consultations

Writing consultants can assist students at any stage of the writing process with an emphasis on structure, word choice, content, and sentence fluency. This support is provided across all disciplines and projects beyond the standard essay or research paper. Learn More

Academic Coaching

Academic coaches work with students to improve academic performance by developing metacognitive skills. Live, interactive one-on-one sessions with an academic coach are available by appointment online or in-person. Also, pre-recorded versions of the live academic skills workshops are available and allow students to learn the content at their own pace. Learn More

Self-study Resources

Tutors have identified resources to help students explore topics they are studying independently. These self-study resources provide additional explanations for difficult concepts and/or additional practice problems which may help reduce feelings of frustration and anxiety students may struggle within a classroom setting. Learn More

Student-focused Workshops

The STAR Center provides a variety of workshops that either provide an in-depth review of core academic concepts or seek to develop academic skills that are key to academic success in college. These workshops are provided online and open to all students. View Schedule

For information on how to access the services, and scheduling, visit the Dual Credit Student Services guide.

Need Help?

936.273.7387 936.273.7404 936.273.7390 (call) 936.657.2174 (text)

Norma Medina | Coordinator, Access Services | 936.273.7494

AA, Lone Star College-Montgomery

Lead for STAR Center service desk operations, including hospitality, circulation services, reserve collection maintenance, and Conroe Center library services.

Jessica Hernandez | Specialist, Access Services | 936.273.7422

BA, Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State University

Lead for evening STAR Center service desk operations, also supports collection maintenance, and provides technical support for public computer stations, patron printing, and student ID printing process.

Cole Williamson | Librarian/Professor | 936.273.7091 | Office F142

Master Library Science, University of North Texas; BA, History, University of Houston

BASS Liaison Librarian: Accounting, Administrative Services, Automotive Technology, BusinessComputer Information Technology, Drafting, Economics, Geography, Government/Political Science, History, Land Surveying, Management, Marketing, Professional Pilot, Welding, and Visual Communications.

Lauren Dubell | Librarian/Associate Professor | 936.273.7034 | Office F135

Master Library Science, San Jose State University; BA, History, California State University

NaSH Liaison Librarian: AstronomyBiologyBiotechnology, Chemistry, Emergency Medical Services, EngineeringGeologyKinesiologyNursing, Physical Therapy, Physics, and Radiology Technology

Monica CammackMonica Cammack | Librarian/Professor | 936.273.7487 | Office F144

Master Library Science, Texas Woman's University; BS, Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Texas at Arlington

TEAM Liaison Librarian: Art, Dance, Drama/Theatre, EducationHumanities, Live Entertainment Technology, Math, and Music.

Stefanie Anderson | Librarian/Associate Professor | 936.273.7020 | Office F136

Master Library Science, Texas Woman's University; BA, Psychology, Texas State University

BELS Liaison Librarian: Anthropology, Communications/Journalism, Criminal Justice, English, English for Speakers of Other Languages, Fire Science, Human Services, PhilosophyPsychology, Sociology, and Speech.

Mozhgan Pourasadollah | Manager, Academic Support Services | 936.271.6216

MBA, Our Lady of the Lake University; BBA, University of Iran

Oversees subject and academic success skills tutoring, academic coaching, and day-to-day operations of STAR Center Public Services.

Yolanda Guimerans de Perarnau | Coordinator, Subject Tutoring | 936.271.6113

MSc, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England; BA, Physics, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela. Lead for subject tutoring, including scheduling and training. LSC CORE TAP representative. Also provides physics and math tutoring.

Adam Johnson | Coordinator, Academic Coaching | 936.273.7414

Lead for academic success skills workshops and academic coaching.

Nathan Zingleman | Coordinator, Writing & Language Tutoring | 936.273.7055

BS, Psychology, Sam Houston State University; AA, Lone Star College-Montgomery; AS, Lone Star College-Montgomery

Lead writing and language tutoring, including day-to-day operations of The Write Place and Language Lab.

Sarah Palacios-Wilhelm | Dean, Academic Affairs and Libraries | 936.273.7393

M.Ed., The George Washington University; MS/LIS, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign; BA, Philosophy, The George Washington University

Oversees academic support services, including the STAR Center: Learning Center & Library, The Undergraduate Research Institute, Center for Civic Engagement, One Book One Campus, Instructional Support Services, and Faculty Resource Center.

Steve Simon | Business Manager, Academic Excellence Division | 936.273.7453

BS, Texas A&M University

Lead for Academic Excellence Division human resources, budget, and administrative processes.

Ashley Leverson | Coordinator, Academic Excellence Division | 936.273.7271

MBA, Texas Woman's University; BBA, Sam Houston State University  

Lead for Academic Excellence Division event planning, marketing & outreach, and oversight of all division data and reporting. 

Courtnee Hulsey | Specialist, Academic Excellence Division | 936.271.6136

AA, Graphic Design, Fresno City College

Oversees outreach services for Academic Excellence Division, graphic design, video, multimedia applications, and social media; also general support for all division areas.

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