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Online Teaching 101: Assignments & Course Activities

Add Assignments & Course Activities

How do students submit their coursework?

Students submit completed coursework to an Assignment folder. Assignment folders are created in the Course Activities section of the course shell, accessed via the Course Activities dropdown menu in the navbar. There are several tasks with which you will want to familiarize yourself:

LSC-M Faculty Tips

  • To promote engagement in the course, plan activities in all three methods of interaction:
    • Student to student (e.g., discussion post)
    • Student to instructor (e.g., feedback on a graded assignment)
    • Student to course material (e.g., assigned reading chapters, videos, and/or work within the instructional materials assigned)
  • Providing an explanation of how the course activity is relevant to the course helps students understand the “why” the assignment is in the course and may help with assignment submittal rates being increased.
  • Consider including an example of the completed assignment to support student learning.

How do students engage with the course material together?

There are many options for creating engaging course instruction that includes active student participation. These activities can be both asynchronous, such as discussion boards, and synchronous, such as virtual meetings.

Asynchronous Course Activities: Discussion boards are a native feature in D2L that provides an opportunity for students to respond to a professor's prompt and/or other students. Learn more about creating a discussion forum and related topics:

Synchronous Course Activities: There are many different options for meeting/chatting virtually with students (Zoom, Padlet, Goboard, etc.). Webex is supported by LSC. Learn more about integrating Webex :

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