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About the Center for Online Professional Excellence (COPE)

As new modalities of instruction grow and expand, so also has the gap in success rates between online courses and other modalities, such as fully online and hybrid courses. In the spring of 2019, a task force was formed at LSC-Montgomery to consider tightening (or eliminating) this success gap and consider different ways of increasing student academic success in online teaching and learning.  The task force concluded that a center be formed to support the use and dissemination of Online Delivery Standards through the development of training materials and faculty ongoing development. The Center for Online Professional Excellence (COPE) was born!


The mission of the Center is to support faculty in the continuous improvement of student academic success in online learning.


The vision of the Center is to provide an interactive venue to support faculty in the development and consistent implementation of best practices.

COPE supports faculty teaching online, face-to-face, hybrid, or some combination thereof. Involvement of faculty members, who are key to maintaining quality standards, is vital. As a result, a faculty advisory group known as Champions for Online Professional Development led by the Faculty Fellow for Online Professional Development, Lorraine Lopez, and supported by Faculty Fellow for Professional Development, Lori Hughes, work collaboratively to create content that is meaningful for faculty and that supports course design, student engagement, and motivation.  

COPE supports all LSC-Montgomery faculty using a variety of delivery options that consistently reflect best practices and encourage reflection and innovation. Templates, real-time webinars, video recordings, links to articles, and much more are available for faculty, with content regularly updated based on faculty needs and input.

About the Faculty Fellows


Faculty Fellow for Online Teaching & Learning

Lorraine Lopez | Associate Professor of Math | 936.273.7243 

• Master of Science, Mathematics/Statistics, University of Texas-San Antonio. (1993)
• Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley. (1991)

Hi! My name is Lorraine Lopez and I have been an associate professor of mathematics at LSC-Montgomery since 2018. For the last two years, I have been working with the math department on piloting new software for our college algebra courses. Collaborating with colleagues is what I enjoy the most about my job. I recently accepted the assignment as Online Faculty Fellow which will give me the opportunity to support and work with online faculty across the college.

Photo of Dr. Lori Hughes, Faculty Fellow for Professional Development

Faculty Fellow for Professional Development

Dr. Lori Hughes | Professor of English | 936.273.7005 

• Ph.D. Technical Communication & Rhetoric, Texas Tech University. (2009)
• Masters of Arts in English, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. (2000)
• Bachelor of Arts, Sam Houston State University. (1997)

Dr. Lori Hughes is a full-time professor of English and Faculty Fellow for Professional Development at LSC-Montgomery. She has been with LSC-Montgomery since 2004, and teaches courses in Composition and Rhetoric (ENGL 1301, 1302) and Technical Communication (ENGL 2311). She has also taught developmental reading and writing (ENGL 0309) for Montgomery. Since 2007, she has taught at least one online course every semester. She completed the Quality Matters Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQR) course in Fall of 2019. She is a graduate of the 2011 Leadership Academy Cohort, and has been a member of the Academy Steering Committee and Coach for the program as well. She was Assistant Director of the LSC-M Writing Center, The Write Place, for two years, and served several years as Lead Faculty for the English Department.