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Online Teaching 101: Creating Your Online Course

Creating Your Course in D2L

How do I create a course shell?

Once you've completed the Quick Onboarding portion of the Online Teaching Certification, you're ready to create your course shell. Start by activating your course in D2L. For a step-by-step guide to this process, watch the VTAC video below or visit the Activate a Course page.



Confirm that All of Your Students have Access to the D2L Course

After creating your course shell in D2L, confirm that all of the students on your roster have access to the course in D2L. To learn more about this process, watch the VTAC video below or visit the Reconcile Your D2L and iStar Rosters page.

Both of these steps are included on VTAC's Move Your Face-to-Face or Hybrid Course Online guide.

Add a User to your D2L Course Shell

You may want to add extra support to your course shell, such as a department chair, embedded librarian, or an online faculty buddy. Learn more about adding users by watching this VTAC video or visit the Add A User to a Course page.

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