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Emerging Technologies in the Library

Overview of emerging technologies & services in the Library at LSC-Montgomery.

Tutorials and Project Ideas


" "Infographic thinking" doesn’t let designers to interpret a narrative visually; it lets them invite the viewer [to] join in the process of interpretation, too. It’s what makes infographic design a language, not a formula or a fad." - John Pavlus

Infographics are a powerful and interesting way to present complicated data. Crafted correctly, an infographic allows researchers to make abstract data tangible, as well as tell a compelling story that can both inform and inspire the reader to action. This guide provides all the resources you need to start making your own infographics. Click on the "Getting Started" tab to start exploring the resources in this guide.

Key Software:

Adobe Illustrator - Used to create and edit vector images and projects. These vector images can be used in many other programs, such as Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, or Premier.
Excel  - Used to create spreadsheets of data that can then be represented as charts and graphs. These charts and graphs can be imported into other software programs, such as Word or PowerPoint.


Accessing Software:

Select the LaunchPad LaunchPad  application in the dock. Mouse through to find your desired program.

Online Tools: - A web app that lets you easily create beautiful infographics on the web. You can build real-time, interactive, shareable, embeddable and downloadable infographics using more than 30 chart types, text objects, videos, images and maps.
Piktochart  - A web app that offers an easy to use editor to create interactive infographics. Users can use a pre-built template or start from scratch. This app also offers a presentation mode and easy online sharing.  - A web app that allows users to create a infographic style resume.
Wordle  - A web app that used to generate "word clouds" from text the user provides. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. 
Canva - A web app that offers various graphic design tools. Users can create a variety of projects, including infographics. The app includes templates and an image library. Users can export projects in a variety of formats. Animaker - an online do-it-yourself (#DIY) animation video maker ‚Äčthat brings studio quality presentations within everyone's reach. This resources includes features specifically designed to support the creation of video infographics.


Accessing Online Tools:

Click the images above to link directly to the resources. Most of these resources offer free and paid features.

Select the "Tutorials & Resources" tab for information about how to use these programs. The Sample Projects tab a selection of infographic projects.

Makerspace Event Resources

Presentation Slides: All About Infographics

Example: Career Exploration Assignment (EDUC 1300)