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FRC Resources

Job Aids and Checklists

This section features selected job aids and how-to checklists to support LSC-Montgomery faculty in the classroom, as well as the production of faculty-developed resources. Additional job aids, videos, and checklists can be found on the LSC Virtual Teaching Assistance Center website. For assistance or to provide feedback, contact the LSC-Montgomery Faculty Resource Center at

Key Resources

Job Aids

Semester Start

Attendance Roster

The purpose of this resource is to offer a step-by-step guide to using the Attendance Roster feature available in "Faculty Center" in the MyLoneStar portal. Faculty may manage their students' attendance throughout the semester in multiple ways, and this document is intended to help explain how to access and report student attendance in MyLoneStar directly. Attendance rosters are automatically generated on the first day of class. For additional support, please contact the iStar Training Team at 832-813-6600.

Key Contacts
  • iStar Training Team | 832-813-6600

D2L Resources

Featured: Blackboard Ally

Featured: YuJa Video Platform

Other Instructional Software

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) supports technology in the classroom. If you need immediate assistance during a class session, call 832-813-6600. Visit the OTS homepage for resources and information about campus technology. Below you will find job aids that have been created by the LSC-Montgomery OTS staff to support faculty with specific tasks on campus. Additional OTS job aids can be found in the LSC Knowledge Base (LSC login required).

Resource Development Checklists

There are a variety of ways faculty can contribute to the FRC's collection of professional development resources, whether it is sharing an idea for a workshop, explaining a teaching tip, presenting an assignment that worked particularly well, or recording a 5-minute video that explains an idea you have tried (or want to try). The FRC has created checklists to help faculty organize the information they would like to share into various formats: 

All of us have something to contribute; NO topic too small or large! All ideas are welcome. You might want to share your excitement for a discussion topic your students responded well to, or a new technique you read about that you want to try. Here is a list of topics that have been requested by LSC-M faculty.

Faculty Requested Topics
  • Student Success
  • Student Engagement
  • Classroom Community 
  • Online Teaching Strategies
  • Creative Assignments
  • Use of Digital Tools
  • Effective Work/Life Balance 
  • Organizational Tools 
  • Discipline-Specific Instruction
  • Time Management 
  • Leadership Skills 
  • Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced D2L Tools
  • Accessibility 
  • Supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
  • Grading and Assessment 
  • Technology Tools 
  • Supporting Students with Special Needs