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FRC Resources

Job Aids & Checklists

This section features selected job aids and how-to checklists to support LSC-Montgomery faculty in the classroom, as well as the production of faculty-developed resources. Additional job aids, videos, and checklists can be found on the LSC Virtual Teaching Assistance Center website. For assistance or to provide feedback, contact the LSC-Montgomery Faculty Resource Center at

Job Aids

Attendance Roster

The purpose of this resource is to offer a step-by-step guide to using the Attendance Roster feature available in "Faculty Center" in the MyLoneStar portal. Faculty may manage their students' attendance throughout the semester in multiple ways, and this document is intended to help explain how to access and report student attendance in MyLoneStar directly. Attendance rosters are automatically generated on the first day of class. For additional support, please contact the iStar Training Team at 832-813-6600.

Key Contacts
  • iStar Training Team | 832-813-6600