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The LSC-M Community of Learning and Practice (CLP) is a community of practice model that intentionally centers learning as an essential part of professional growth. CLP members work together to better understand problems of practice that impact teaching and learning in higher education and identify evidence-based best practices that can be shared with the campus community and applied in day-to-day interactions with students.

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CLP Program Structure

The aim of the CLP program is to have at least five CLPs researching topics concurrently and then share what they learn with the campus community through various FRC events and/or resources. The FRC will support the CLPs by providing funding and logistical support throughout the CLP cycle.

CLP Cycle

CLPs will complete their work on a two-semester cycle. The first semester will be spent learning about the topic and the second semester will focus on sharing and applying best practices.

First Semester Activities
  • Defining the research question
  • Researching the topic
  • Hosting learning events related to the topic, including roundtables, guest speakers, panel discussions, webinars, etc.
  • Summarizing research findings using the ”6 Questions” document template (See Additional Resources)
Second Semester Activities
  • Implementing lessons learned in teaching practice or in the service of students
  • Hosting professional development events or creating resources to share what was learned in the first semester; each CLP will develop at least three professional development opportunities


The CLP cycle occurs on an annual basis. After each cycle, the CLP members will examine their progress and update the research question.

Creating a CLP

A new CLP can be created when at least eight people are interested in a topic. The FRC Faculty Fellow will support the setup process for each new CLP.

CLP Structure

Each CLP includes a lead or pair of co-leads. Members include faculty and staff interested in exploring a particular topic. Once formed, the CLP will refine the topic of interest into a research question that will define the scope of the CLP’s work.

Lead / Co-Lead


A CLP may have up to two co-leads to oversee the functioning of the CLP cycle and ensure deliverables are met in a timely manner. CLP leads may volunteer or be democratically elected by the CLP membership. The FRC Faculty Fellow will facilitate CLP meetings until a lead is selected.

Individuals serving as a CLP lead must receive approval from their respective Instructional Dean or direct supervisor for non-instructional staff. This role fulfills the institutional service requirement for faculty.


All leads are expected to:

  • Organize regular CLP meetings and communication
  • Collect meeting minutes and disseminate among CLP members and to the FRC Faculty Fellow
  • Ensure the CLP fulfills program deliverables


A CLP consists of no more than 16 members, including the leads. Once membership has reached 16, the CLP will be split into two groups examining the same topic, though they may select different research questions. Membership is open to all faculty and staff at LSC-Montgomery. Non-LSC-Montgomery members may join with the approval of the CLP lead.


All members are expected to:

  • Actively contribute to the CLP during meetings and/or through the D2L community group
  • Commit to participating for the full CLP cycle

Finding Your Mid-Career Mojo | CLP Lead: Dana Morales

Description | Watch a Video Introduction

Are you a mid-career faculty member looking to enhance your professional journey? Join us for a dynamic series of sessions designed to empower you in your mid-career journey. During the series, faculty members will have an opportunity to:

  • Explore innovative pedagogical techniques and strategies to engage students and rediscover their passion for teaching
  • Gain insights into leadership and administrative roles within the college and how to thrive in them
  • Discover strategies for balancing career with personal life, health, and well-being
  • Connect with like-minded colleagues at similar points in their careers

Frist meeting: Wed. Oct. 11, 1-2pm in F-114 | For additional information, contact Dana Morales at

Additional topics to be announced soon. If you would like to suggest a topic, email us at