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Tutoring & Coaching Services

Online Tutoring

Lone Star College, in partnership with Brainfuse/TutorMatch, offers all enrolled students online tutoring services in a variety of subjects. Students have two options for online appointments:

  • Primary Option | LSC Tutor: Students can have unlimited tutoring sessions each semester with an LSC Tutor at no extra cost. Appointments are limited to subject and tutor availability; view our service hours for details. Students can schedule appointments through Brainfuse/TutorMatch; click on the Appointment Details tab to see more.
  • Secondary Option | Brainfuse Tutor via Live Help: As a secondary option, students also have access to 90 minutes of free tutoring per academic year with Brainfuse Tutors. Appointments can be scheduled 24/7 through Brainfuse/LiveHelp. (Note: If a student wishes to use more than 90 minutes of tutoring with Brainfuse, they will need to pay for further tutoring.) 

All online tutoring is by appointment only.

If you have any questions, please contact

Read more below about how to schedule online appointments through Brainfuse, how to access your online appointments, how to submit papers for tutor review, and other useful tips!

Scheduling an Online Appointment (with LSC Tutor):

  • Sign in to and click on the “LSC-Online" tile.
  • Select the “Online Tutoring” option to access Brainfuse.
  • In the Tutor Match section, select a topic and subject.
    • Need to meet with a writing consultant? Select “English” for the subject.
  • Click “Schedule” to request a session date and time with a tutor.
    • Want to meet with an LSC-Montgomery tutor specifically? Select a tutor that has the “MC” designation at the end of their name.
  • Complete the request form and select “Request Session."
  • A notification will appear on your calendar. Notice that your appointment has not yet been confirmed by the tutor. The “Enter” button will appear after the tutor confirms the appointment.

Need to schedule an in-person appointment instead? Click the link for details.

Accessing your Confirmed Online Appointment:

  • Sign in to and click on the “LSC-Online" tile.
  • Click the “Appointment” link (located under Schedule) to open your calendar OR select “My Calendar” from the student dropdown menu.
  • Click “Enter” to open your appointment.
    • You may see an error message if the tutor is not in the appointment yet. Click “Ok,” wait a minute or so, and try again.

Submitting a Paper via Brainfuse/WritingLab:

  • Sign in to and click on the “LSC-Online" tile.
  • Select the “Online Tutoring” option to access Brainfuse.
  • In the Writing Lab section, select “Submit Paper” to start.
    • If you want an LSC tutor, select the Lone Star College Tutor Review.
  • Complete the form:
    • Be sure to specify if you have a specific citation format (MLA, APA, etc.)
    • Select three areas you would like to tutor to focus on
    • Write the instruction you received for the assignment
    • Attach the paper you want reviewed
    • Write any comments or notes for the tutor
  • Click “Submit.”
  • You should receive a response within one business day. After your work has been reviewed by a tutor, a notification will appear in your Brainfuse inbox. When you open the message, you will see the comments in the blue box.
Useful Tips:
  • Brainfuse/TutorMatch provides a whiteboard on the screen; the whiteboard tools are in the gray toolbar at the bottom of the screen, and the audio connection and the chat window are on the right.
  • To use the chat window, type your message in the box at the bottom of the window; to post your message click "Enter" or click on the paper airplane icon to the right of the box.
  • To see your audio connection options, click on the phone icon or on the drop-down arrow at the top of the chat window ; select "My Computer,” then click "OK.”
  • Submit an optional survey with feedback after your session.