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eBook Access

eBooks in Research Databases

Research databases that contain downloadable eBooks:

For instructions on downloading eBooks on your device, view this page.

Additional Databases

Some databases contain undownloadable eContent such as eReference and eAudio. Examples of these kinds of resources can be found in the following databases:

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Database Searching Tutorials

The EBSCO eBook Collection contains over 45,000 eBooks that range in all academic subjects from leisure reading to academic and professional topics. Library patrons can checkout up to 10 eBooks at one time.

This tutorial video shows users how to search with the EBSCO eBook Collection.

Inside of Gale Virtual Reference Library lies over 1,200 searchable reference sets. This database in mainly comprised of literature resources but also includes social sciences and education topics.

In this video, users learn how to browse and search through Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Stat!Ref contains nearly 40 automatically updating medical reference eBooks. In addition, patrons can use tools such as dosage calculators and podcasts. Note: This database does not contain downloadable content.

This video shows how to use Stat!Ref tools and view their medical eReference material.

Oxford Music Online is mainly comprised of the notable reference sets Grove's Music, The Oxford Dictionary of Music and The Oxford Companion to Music. Note: This database does not contain downloadable content.

This video shows users how to navigate through the eReference and eAudio of Oxford Music Online.