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Independent Study Resources: Academic Skills Video Series

Workshop Series Description

Ever wish you had a detailed map that takes you directly to better results in class? This Study Planning Workshop Video Series will show you the secrets of metacognitive learning strategies and exactly how to reach your destination!

Series Topics

  • Video 1: Metacognition Overview
    • What is Metacognition?
    • How can Metacognition really help me?
  • Video 2: Bloom's Taxonomy
    • How Bloom's Taxonomy can help you determine you level of understanding
  • Video 3: The Study Cycle - Part 1
    • Preview: How to preview your materials before a class, lecture, or study session
    • Attend: Why attending class is so important
    • Review: How to review your materials after a class, lecture, or study session in order to better retain information
  • Video 4: The Study Cycle - Part 2
    • Study: How to break down each study session into "intense study sessions"
    • Assess: How to determine if your are studying effectively, and what you can do to improve your sessions as needed
  • Video 5: Learning Strategies
    • Top 10 list of recommended learning strategies
    • Compilation of more learning strategies to try
  • Exercise Video 1: How Metacognition Can Truly Help
  • Exercise Video 2: The Power of Previewing
    • See just how powerful a tool previewing can be for you!

Workshop Videos and Materials

Workshop Series Description

Do more in less time. Sound too good to be true? This Time Management Workshop Video Series will show you just how true this can be for you.

Series Topics

  • Video 1: Creating a framework
    • How to set up and use a 3-Calendar system
  • Video 2: Building Flexibility & Study Planning
    • Make appointments with yourself
    • Organizing your calendars
    • Task prioritization
    • Make a plan for studying
  • Exercise Video 1: The Time Management Matrix
    • How to categorize and prioritize tasks

Workshop Videos and Materials

Workshop Series Description

Being able to take efficient and effective notes is an important part of college success. In this Introduction To Note Taking Workshop Video Series you will learn how to get the most out of your notes!

Series Topics

  • Video 1: Elements of Good Notes
    • Making sure your Notes are effective
  • Video 2: The Outline Method
    • Review of the most common Note Taking method
  • Video 3: The Cornell Method
    • Structure and process of the Cornell Method
    • Why the Cornell Method can help you learn
  • Video 4: The Outline/Cornell Hybrid Method and How To Study Notes
    • Structure, process, and purpose of a Hybrid Method
    • The 5 "R's" of Note Taking
    • How to study your completed notes once they have been created

Workshop Videos and Materials

Workshop Series Description

Never say, "I'm just bad at taking tests" again! Our Test Taking Strategies Workshop Video Series will teach you the techniques and methods that will have you start looking FORWARD to any test day!

Series Topics

  • Video 1: Pre-Test Day Preparedness
    • Make a plan for studying
    • Goal setting
    • Taking care of yourself
  • Video 2: What To Do on Test Day
    • Creating a Test Day ritual
    • Strategies to maximize your test scores
  • Video 3: Using Each Test Experience to Your Benefit
    • Combating Test Anxieties
    • Using your last test to improve on your next test
  • Exercise Video 1: Test Anxiety Plan
    • Test Anxiety Worksheet process
  • Exercise Video 2: Exam Wrappers
    • How to set up and use an Exam Wrapper

Workshop Videos and Materials

Workshop Series Description

Wondering what it will take to be successful in an online class? This Online Learning: A Guide On How To Be Successful Workshop Video Series will show just how to achieve the success you want in an online environment.

Series Topics

  • Video 1: Creating an Online Learning Mindset
    • Establishing motivation and creating workable goals
    • Finding a balance and the importance of persistence
  • Video 2: Getting and Staying Organized
    • Creating a consistent workspace/study space
    • Taking care of yourself to maximize your output
  • Video 3: Managing Your Time Effectively
    • Creating a workable schedule for yourself
    • Staying flexible
    • Ensuring study times are efficient and effective
  • Video 4: Establishing and Maintaining Good Course Communication
    • Who to connect with and when
    • Actively participating in an online class
    • Knowing and using your resources

Workshop Videos

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MSc, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England; BA, Physics, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela

Lead for subject tutoring, including scheduling and training. Also provides physics and math tutoring.

Adam Johnson | Coordinator III | 936.273.7414 


Lead for academic success skills workshops and academic coaching.

Nathan Zingleman | Specialist IV | 936.272.7055 

BS, Psychology, Sam Houston State University; AA, Lone Star College-Montgomery; AS, Lone Star College-Montgomery

Lead for writing tutoring and The Write Place.


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BA, English, Sam Houston State University

Lead for tutoring desk services, also provides academic coaching and writing tutoring.

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Oversees academic support services, including the STAR Center: Learning Center & Library, The Undergraduate Research Institute, Center for Civic Engagement, One Book One Campus, dual credit instructional support, and faculty professional development.


Steve Simon | Business Manager | 936.273.7453 

BS, Texas A&M University

Lead for Academic Excellence Division human resources, budget, and administrative processes.


Jennifer Mau | Specialist IV | 936.271.6360 

AA, Lone Star College-Montgomery

Lead for Academic Excellence Division purchasing, marketing, and administrative support.