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Let us help you prepare for the TSIA2 Test!

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If you plan to take the TSI exam or missed the mark on your scores, we offer one-on-one tutoring for the Math and English parts of the TSI exam that provides an overview of key concepts and strategies for the TSI placement test. Sessions do not require an appointment and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Our tutoring areas also offer many study resources, including textbooks and access to computers free of charge.

Math tutoring is available in the Math Homework Lab (F234), and English tutoring is located in the Write Place (G103). Visit our service hours for the current semester, and feel free to stop in when it is convenient. We also offer workshops for TSI prep that are offered in person and online. To learn more, visit the Workshop & Events page.


For additional help or questions about TSI tutoring or the TSIA2 exam, contact us at:

Math or 936.271.6113 or 936.273.7055

Series Overview

These resources provide a general overview of the key concepts and strategies for the TSI, now known as TSIA2, placement test in math, reading, and writing. The tutorials include sample questions similar to those found in the actual TSIA2 test. Select the links below to access the videos, sample problems, and tools.




The handout contains practice problems similar to the ones shown in the videos

The TSIA2 Prep Math Handout

Supporting Videos

The videos contain explanations and exercises of key material that the student should know for the TSIA2 Math Part.

Solving Linear Equations

Factoring Trinomials

Square Root Property

Supporting Materials 

Series Overview

These resources provide a general overview of the key concepts and strategies for the TSI, now known as TSIA2, placement test in math, reading, and writing. The tutorials include sample questions similar to those found in the actual TSIA2 test. Select the links below to access the videos, sample problems, and tools.



  • Video 1 TSIA ELAR- Reading Prep: Provides a brief grammar review and presents students with strategies for taking the TSIA2 ELAR test with a focus on the Reading portion.
  • Video 2 TSIA ELAR- Writing Prep: Provides a brief grammar review and presents students with strategies for taking the TSIA2 ELAR test with a focus on the Writing portion.
  • Video 3 TSIA ELAR- Essay Prep: Provides a brief grammar review, writing structure, and editing tips. Presents students with strategies for taking the TSIA2 Essay portion.


Each handout contains practice exercises similar to the ones shown in the videos and important support information.

Additional Resources

Preparing for a Test: Tips & Resources

Click the section headers below to reveal more information.

Reviewing Notes for a Test

You can combine several learning strategies to level-up your study skills. If you've consistently taken effective reading and lecture notes, your notes should provide an overview of the key course concepts, with key information you can expect to find on the test. Your notes then become your study guide. Using the Pomodoro method, you can break up your study sessions into manageable chunks leading up to your test date.

  1. Review Key Concepts: Read over the concepts outlined in your notes and make a list of what you want to learn. Creating the list of objectives helps you prepare mentally for each study session since you know what concepts you will cover in each study session.
  2. Create Study Aids: For some information, it is helpful to create flashcards or other study aids.
  3. Study: Set a 35 - 50 minute timer and cover the objectives you set for the session.
  4. Reward Yourself: Take a break between study sessions and reward yourself with a favorite treat or activity. Rewards help you stay on task and teach your brain to enjoy studying. Make sure you are accountable to yourself - don't sneak a reward without putting the work in!

You can also check out the Test Taking Strategies workshops or academic success resources offer by the STAR Center.

Ever Experienced Test Anxiety?

You are NOT alone! Test anxiety is a very real thing that can impact you in many different ways. Thankfully, there are proven techniques that help reduce these effects and allow you to achieve the best scores possible on your exams. Here are just a few to consider trying on your next test:

  • Prepare a mental “Game Plan”: List out ways in which you previously experienced test anxieties, and then list out some strategies that might combat those feelings as they arise during the test. This could include positive self-talk, breathing techniques, or even keeping a physical “soothing” item with you.
  • Arm yourself with logic: Before the exam, make sure you have the right perspective. While a test might be important, it alone will not determine your future. One test score will not define you or your ultimate success. Gaining such a perspective ahead of time will make it easier to remind yourself of these things in those moments of panic.
  • Be Physically Ready: Get plenty of sleep in the days leading up to your test. Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water before your exam. Caffeine can increase the negative impact of your anxieties, so try to reduce how much you take in.
  • Remain Focused: Try not to dwell so much on the test questions you are not sure of. Instead, keep focused on the answers you do know and rely on your best guesses whenever you are not certain. Remember, you don’t need to get EVERY question correct to receive a good grade.

Want to learn even more strategies for handling test anxiety? Come see an Academic Coach today (LSC-M, Room F-112: “HUB 2”) to best prepare yourself for all your upcoming exams. You can also check out the Test Taking Strategies workshops or video series offer by the STAR Center.



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Lead for STAR Center service desk operations, including hospitality, circulation services, reserve collection maintenance, and Conroe Center library services.

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Mozhgan Pourasadollah | Manager, Academic Support Services | 936.271.6216

MBA, Our Lady of the Lake University; BBA, University of Iran

Oversees subject and academic success skills tutoring, academic coaching, and day-to-day operations of STAR Center Public Services.

Yolanda Guimerans de Perarnau | Coordinator, Subject Tutoring | 936.271.6113

MSc, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England; BA, Physics, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela. 

Lead for subject tutoring, including scheduling and training. LSC CORE TAP representative. Also provides physics and math tutoring.

Adam Johnson | Coordinator, Academic Coaching | 936.273.7414

Lead for academic success skills workshops and academic coaching.

Nathan Zingleman | Coordinator, Writing & Language Tutoring | 936.273.7055

BS, Psychology, Sam Houston State University; AA, Lone Star College-Montgomery; AS, Lone Star College-Montgomery

Lead writing and language tutoring, including day-to-day operations of The Write Place and Language Lab.

Sarah Palacios-Wilhelm | Dean, Academic Affairs and Libraries | 936.273.7393

M.Ed., The George Washington University; MS/LIS, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign; BA, Philosophy, The George Washington University

Oversees academic support services, including the STAR Center: Learning Center & Library, The Undergraduate Research Institute, Center for Civic Engagement, One Book One Campus, Instructional Support Services, and Faculty Resource Center.

Steve Simon | Business Manager, Academic Excellence Division | 936.273.7453

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Lead for Academic Excellence Division event planning, marketing & outreach, and oversight of all division data and reporting. 

Courtnee Hulsey | Specialist, Academic Excellence Division | 936.271.6136

AA, Graphic Design, Fresno City College

Oversees outreach services for Academic Excellence Division, graphic design, video, multimedia applications, and social media; also general support for all division areas.

Andrew Sanchez | Coordinator, Academic Excellence Division | 936.271.6126

AS, General Science, Lone Star College; BS, Chemistry, Sam Houston State University

Responsible for data collection and reporting in Academic Excellence Division areas. Also assists with campus event planning and execution.

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