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Open Educational Resources (OER) in the Classroom

Open Educational Resources

Getting Started

Open Educational Resources

Welcome to the open educational resource guide! This guide provides resources and information for open educational resources. This guide is not a comprehensive list of all of the available resources available to LSC-Montgomery students and faculty, but it is designed to guide faculty through the topic and provide a starting point for accessing materials.


Getting Started

A shift in education is beginning to develop. More colleges are looking for ways to decrease cost and make education more affordable for students. Financial burdens can become a barrier for student academic success. Open educational resources help decrease the cost of education by offering resources at no cost or a reduced cost. The money students save allows them to take more classes and finish their college education more quickly. This guide is designed to provide information and resources to help begin utilizing open educational resources.


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The Benefits of Using OERs


Creates a culture of sharing knowledge.
Provides resources on the first day of class.
Lowers the cost of education.
Faculty has freedom to choose multiple OER resources.
Helps increase student academic achievement.

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