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Welcome to Mavericks Men Of Distinction (MoD) Students Success Guide

This guide is designed to help Maverick Men of Distinction students navigate the resources  available at LSC-Montgomery with a particular focus on resources that will support your academic journey. You will find many other guides and services available via the STAR Center Resource Portal, but this guide is the best place to start. 

Academic Support Resources

The Student Tutoring And Research (STAR) Center offers a wide range of academic support services for students and instructional support services for faculty. Many of these services are available online and in person. Services that are only available in-person are labeled as In-person Only. For more information about the STAR Center's physical spaces and usage guidelines, visit STAR Center.

Understanding Your Course Content

Students who need assistance understanding course content or developing study skills can use the tutoring services available at the LSC-Montgomery campus location. STAR Center (Student Tutoring And Research) offers a wide range of academic support services. The information below will assist you in accessing both in-person and online tutoring services. 

In-Person Tutoring

The LSC-Montgomery Tutoring And Research (STAR) Center offers a wide range of in-person tutoring, academic coaching, and study spaces, including computer stations and printing. Home to the campus library and tutoring services, the STAR Center provides study spaces and resources throughout the campus. 

These spaces include Math Homework Lab (F-234), The Write Place & Language Lab (G-103), HUB (F-102 & F-112), and Biology Homework Lab(B-113).

In-person tutoring is available by appointment (some subjects), and walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis. Our tutors are dedicated professionals who create a supportive environment to assist you in mastering course content and achieving success in the classroom. 

To make an appointment with your assigned tutor, visit the Appointment Page. For more information on the STAR Center, visit STAR Center Visit Us.

Online Tutoring

In addition to in-person services, Lone Star College System, in partnership with Brainfuse/TutorMatch, offers all enrolled students unlimited pre-scheduled online tutoring services for math, sciences, accounting, computer technology, and writing. Students will need to use their LSC email credentials to access these services. For more information about how to access online tutoring, visit Online Tutoring or visit the Appointment page.

Building Your Academic Skills

Academic coaching provides support and assistance in improving your academic skills and performance. Coaches can help you mitigate and overcome perceived barriers, identify areas of strength and weakness, devise a personalized plan of action for you, and more. Here are just some of the topics in which a coach can work with you in order for you to become more effective, and more successful in your academic goals going forward: 

  • Time Management
  • Study Planning / Study Skills
  • Note Taking
  • Test Taking 
  • Online Learning
  • Goal Setting
  • Learning Styles
  • Student Stress Management
  • How to Handle Failure 
  • Memorization Techniques

Live Sessions

Live, interactive one-on-one sessions with an academic coach are available by appointment online or in person. During the session, you'll work with an academic coach to identify barriers to success and develop a plan for overcoming those barriers. For more information on how to make either an in-person or an online coaching session appointment, please visit, the Appointment page.

Pre-Recorded Sessions

The Student Academic Success Skills (or S.A.S.S.) video series are pre-recorded video versions of the live academic skills workshops we offer. Not only do these videos allow you to learn the content at your own pace, but they also offer most of the same handouts (pdf format which you can print out and keep with you) and activity opportunities from our in-person workshops so you can still practice the skills that you are learning.

Each topic is broken down into short easy-to-watch videos that guide you through the entire workshop presentation at your leisure. For more information on how to access the pre-recorded videos, please visit Academic Skills Video Series.

Workshops & Events Header

The STAR Center offers a selection of student-focused workshops hosted by faculty, tutors, and staff. Our workshops are divided into two groups: course content-based workshops that provide an in-depth review of core academic concepts and academic skills workshops that explore various skills that are key to academic success in college. For more information, visit Workshops & Events.

Understanding Your Course Content

All students have access to both physical and electronic (online) resources available through LSC-Montgomery Library. Students access these resources with a library barcode. The library barcode is printed on the back of the LSC Student ID card, but students who are not able to visit campus to get a physical ID card can request their barcode number via

Getting research and citation help

Students can contact LSC-Montgomery librarians for research and citation help. Librarians can help students:

  • Identify keywords related to your topic
  • Locate, access, and use the research databases
  • Find academic resources for your topic
  • Evaluate resources for validity
  • Format in-text citations and works cited

Librarians are available to assist students by email, text, phone, live chat, video chat, or in-person. You can even make an appointment to meet at a specific date and time. For more information, visit Library Services.

Self-study resources allow you to learn at your own pace, focusing on areas you are most interested in or want to understand better. Available for a variety of subjects, these resources help you discover more about the topics you are studying in your courses and reduce feelings of frustration and anxiety. These resources have been identified and, in some cases, developed by LSC tutoring staff and faculty.

For more information, visit: Self-Study Resources

Meet Your Support Team

Jaqueline Pacheco  | Math Tutor | 

 Watch this video to learn more 



Anita Kapila  | Writing Tutor | 





Vicki bradley  | Writing Tutor | 


Adam Johonson  |Academic Coach Coordinator| 936.273.7414 |




Angelina Gamez  |EDUC Academic Coach| 





Savannah Ager  | EDUC Academic Coach |  

 Watch this video to learn more 



Derrell Dunn  | Math Professor | 936-273-7072 |




Jacquinita Rose  | Math Professor | 936-273-7065 |


Simone Andrade  | English Professor |936.271.6189 |





Ulysses Mack  | English Professor | 936.271.6337 |


Neil Phillips  | EDUC Professor |936.273.7246 |





Sidonia Golden  | EDUC Professor | 936.271.6041 |





Carol Weller  | EDUC Professor |

Lauren Dubell | Librarian/Associate Professor | 936.273.7034 | Office F135

Need help with research or citations? Schedule an appointment to meet with me.

If there isn't a time that works for you, please remember that you can meet with any of the Librarians for research help. Click for more details.


Mozhgan Pourasadollah | Manager, Academic Support Services | 936.271.6216 

MBA, Our Lady of the Lake University; BBA, University of Iran

Oversees subject and academic success skills tutoring, academic coaching, and day-to-day operations of STAR Center Public Services.


Yolanda Guimerans de Perarnau | Coordinator, Subject Tutoring | 936.271.6113

MSc, the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England; BA, Physics, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela

Lead for subject tutoring, including scheduling and training. LSC CORE TAP representative. Also provides physics and math tutoring.


Adam Johnson | Coordinator, Academic Coaching | 936.273.7414

Lead for academic success skills workshops and academic coaching.




Nathan Zingleman | Coordinator, Writing & Language Tutoring | 936.273.7055

BS, Psychology, Sam Houston State University; AA, Lone Star College-Montgomery; AS, Lone Star College-Montgomery

Lead for writing and language tutoring, including day-to-day operations of The Write Place and La

Heather Leary  | Lead Advisor | 





Lynette Dempsey  | Program Liaison | 






Neil Philips | Counselor & EDUC 1300 instructor | 936.273.7246 | 

LSC-Montgomery has many academic resources available to students. 

Click on the blue links below for more information.

  • Keep up with LSC-Montgomery's Academic Calendar.
  • Need to talk to an Advisor? Advisors can help you with the degree and transfer planning, Lone Star College program information, course selection, schedule changes and withdrawals, graduation, and college placement tests.
  • Need to talk to a Counselor? Counselors can help with academic probation and suspension, test anxiety, studying strategies, crisis intervention, and career planning and exploration.
  • The Career Services that Lone Star College offers include career planning, employment services, job fair information, and more.
  • The Lone Star College Catalog allows students to see all services and resources that the Lone Star College System has to offer.
  • The Write Place helps students through the process of writing an academic paper, from initial brainstorming to final editing. 

To Learn More About Campus Resources, visit