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Writing about Grief


Writing about Grief

Read the essay by nurse Cheryl A. Dellasega, "The Grief Train," in our book, Reflections, pp.4-5. 

What does the author show us about the nature of grieving? How does she connect grief to a train? We call this her organizing metaphor or trope. Explain at least three points the author makes about grief in her essay.

Quoting: You should quote at least one time from Dellasesga in your essay. You may quote more than once if you like. See the handout, “How to Quote,” in the Handouts Folder, in D2L. Note how properly to lead into quotations, and also correctly punctuate them. Give the page number of the quote in parentheses at the end, as you see in the handout. 


Dellasega tells us that she found her husband “sprawled at the bottom of our basement steps” (4).

Getting Started

MLA Document Formatting

MLA has specific rules for formatting the first page of student papers. Below you will find basic parameters but, more detailed information can be found online at the link provided both below and on the Additional Resources tab for MLA.

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