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Dance Resource Guide

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To browse the Dance collection, look for materials in this call number range:  

GV 1580-1799 Dance GV 1750 Dance Technique
GV 1585 Dictionaries. Encyclopedias GV 1780 Theatrical Dance
GV 1597 Dance as a Profession GV 1785 Biographies
GV 1600 Dance Criticism. History

Items in the library are organized by call number. The call number is like an address for the item and allows you to quickly locate items. It begins with letters which correspond with the subject area, and then is followed by a combination of numbers and letters, ending with the year the item was published. The call number for each item is listed in its record in the Library Catalog. 



  • Items marked as "REF" are for in-library use only, but there are copiers and scanners available. Copies cost $.10 a page. Scanners are free to use, but remember to bring a USB to save your files.
  • The record will indicate if the item is in a special collection. Items in a special collection are shelved together and are not a part of the regular collection. Lone Star College-Montgomery library has special collection areas for Music, Foreign Language, Leisure Reading, the Student Success and Career Collection, Periodicals, and the Children's Collection.

Tips for Searching the Library Catalog

Select an option from the drop-down selector to the left of the search bar. By default, the catalog will search using the Keywords Anywhere. What this means is that if the user types in environment impact, the system will search for all sources that have any word/s that you have entered in your search; both individually or together, but not necessarily in that order. These word or word combinations can be located anywhere in the source record, i.e. in the title, author name, subject terms, or somewhere in the body of the material.
  • Title - Use this type of search if you know the title of your item, such as "Exploring our impact on the environment."
  • Author - Use this type of search if you know the author/s name.
  • Subject - Use this type of search if you are looking for a generalized topic/subject about something or someone.
  • ISBN - If you know the ISBN/barcode of a book, you can use this type of search to locate it.
If you are unsure of the spelling of something check it before you start your search. Likewise, when searching using search anywhere or title, type as much information or complete word structure as possible. If a word is misspelled or partial, the system will either produce no results or ask you if you meant the correction provided.
Depending on your search criteria this menu will provide you with ways that you can limit or narrow/reduce the results to better meet your needs. This is helpful to choose viewing only the format that you would like i.e. electronic resources and can help you narrow down subjects if you kept your initial search terms broad.
Upon selecting a title, you will be provided with more detail such as Author, Publication Information, Physical Description, Subject Term, Publisher, and if this item has any Holds. Some resources provide further details below the record information such as a full summary, reviews, or table of contents. You may find other keywords found in the subject terms glossary to widen your search efforts. On this page you will also see which library holds this resource, the shelf location within that library, and if the item is available.
If you select an electronic resource the http link will be available. Once you click the link to access the item you will be required to enter your library barcode. Lone Star students can also use their My Lone Star username and password; that option is found below the barcode field. Note; electronic resources sometimes are not available due to additional pay walls or the resource has a limited amount of check-outs due to license agreements.