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Voter Information Guide

Getting Started


Voter Information Guide

The non-partisan information resources you need to make educated decisions when election day rolls around. 


Information Resources

Fact Checking - Resources provide you with the tools to determine whether or not the information being presented is accurate and unbiased.                     

Candidate Campaign: Platform & Funding - Resources with information on candidate’s political platform and how their campaign is funded.   

Polling & Issue Information - Resources provide information on current polling data on both candidates & issues.​

Texas Election Information - Resources for local and state elections. 

Voter Registration - Visit these websites to complete your voter registration: 

Additional Information

Political Resources | Bias The University of Nebraska Omaha provides political resources and information on detecting bias.

Blue Feed, Red Feed - The Wall Street Journal has created a political resource that allows users to view Liberal Facebook and Conservative Facebook, side by side.

Consider the SourceA resource guide to liberal, conservative and nonpartisan periodicals.