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Finding Credible Sources | Online Lesson

Finding Credible Sources

The library has created this short lesson that will introduce students to the library's resources and how to evaluate and find credible sources. You will need to follow two steps to complete the lesson. As part of the lesson you will be asked to complete a short quiz that will "Test Your Knowledge" over some of the new skills introduced. After you have completed the lesson, select the "Additional Resources" tab to find additional information that will help support your class assignments.


Step 1: Watch the Introduction to the Library Website video.

The library website is your jumping off point to all of the resources and services available to you throughout your academic career. Here you will be introduced to various subject specific resources including the library databases containing a variety of academic and scholarly publications.

Step 2: Learn about Evaluating and Finding Credible Sources.

Locating reliable information can be difficult on today's internet. This video will provide information to assist you in this task, whether for your class assignments or for your own use. During the video you will be asked to pause in order to complete a quiz before continuing with the lesson.

Topics covered include:

  • The concept of Authority, why it's vital for selecting credible sources, and other criteria possessed by reliable information sources.
  • The process of Lateral Reading and how this method will assist you will resource selection.
  • Important techniques for success when engaging in the Research Process.
  • How to locate and properly make use of library resources.

Visit the Current Events Research Guide

On this guide you will find step-by-step assistance for each stage of the research process. From selecting topics, accessing resources, evaluating information, and links to assistance for writing, tutoring, and citation this guide has you covered.

Additionally this guide provides direct links to resources focused on research in current events including tips for searching the catalog, a selection of databases for both background and in-depth research, and links to outside resources for government information and fact-checking websites vetted by our librarians.