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Kinesiology Research Guide

Kinesiology (PHED) & Physical Education (PHED) Research Help

Citing Your Work

Citing Your Work 

Citing your work provides the reader with an honest representation of your research.  Citations tell readers about the sources used to write a paper and give proper credit to the authors of those sources.  Failing to cite your sources is academically dishonest, and could lead to charges of plagiarism.    

APA Style  

The American Psychological Association developed the APA citation style to standardize writing in scientific and social scientific disciplines, including nursing.

In-text Citations & Reference List

  • In-text citations are used when a source is referred to in the body of a paper.  APA uses a parenthetical in-text citation, which contains the author's last name and the publication year.  
  • A list of sources cited is included at the end of a paper on a separate page.  Sources are arranged alphabetically by authors' last names.  Format for electronic journal article: Author's last name, author's initials.  (Publication year).  Title.  Journal name, volume (issue), inclusive pages.  doi

* The doi is the digital object identifier; it is a persistent digital link to an electronic article.  The doi is used at the end of a reference for an electronic article, not a URL.    



More than 9 million young people, ages 15-24, acquire a sexually transmitted infection each year in the United States (Smith, 2015).

Reference List: 

Smith, A.  (2015).  Sexual health education at a top American research university.  Journal of Public Health Studies, 2(1), 100-103.     


AMA Style 

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