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Kinesiology Research Guide

Kinesiology (PHED) & Physical Education (PHED) Research Help

Database Searching

It's Not Like Google

Search options vary across database interfaces, but best practices for searching databases are relatively consistent across interfaces. No matter the database, use the strategies outlined below to generate the best results. 

  •  Do not enter a phrase or question.  Instead, break out the main points and connect main points (i.e., keywords) with the operator AND
  •  Brainstorm synonyms or related terms and connect them with the operator OR.  This strategy will broaden your search and generate more results.   
  • Refine your results by using available limiters (usually found on the right-hand side of the page).  Start with the publication date - limit to the last 5 years.  Next, select the "Peer Reviewed" option, if available. 

*​View the video tutorial on the left for instruction on using these strategies in the EBSCOhost interface.  

Research Databases

Recommended Resources 

The databases listed in this research guide are recommended for research on kinesiology topics.  The recommended databases are categorized by common themes in kinesiology research (see tabs).  Keep in mind, no single database includes all journal articles, reports, conference proceedings, book chapters, etc. Depending on your topic, you may need to use several databases to locate the information you need.