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The Student Tutoring And Research (STAR) Center is located at the LSC-Montgomery (LSC-M) College campus at 3200 College Park Dr., Conroe, TX, 77384. The STAR Center includes the LSC-M Library, all tutoring spaces located on the LSC-M campus, and the LSC-Conroe Center Library. Click the tabs below to get more information about our spaces and scroll down to see our usage guidelines.

For a complete list of available services, visit STAR Center Services.

STAR Center Spaces

LSC-Montgomery Library | Building F, 1st Floor

Hours | Map | Services

The library offers access to the physical collection (books, DVDs, CDs, etc.), computer stations, item checkout, library cards (student/employee IDs), course reserves, study rooms, open study space, and more.

Librarians are available to assist students with developing research skills and strategies, identifying resources needed for an assignment, locating and using academic databases, and selecting items from the library’s physical collection.


Service Desk/Circulation: 936.273.7387 |

Research Help: 936.273.7390 |

The Write Place & Language Homework Lab | Building G, G103 

Hours | Map | Services

The Write Place offers free consultations in writing, ESOL support, reading, and public speaking to improve students writing, communication, and reading comprehension skills across the academic curriculum. The space also offers free access to computers. 

The Language Lab is equipped with computers with specialized programs that offer students complementary support. Students will also find dedicated tutors that will help them master the language they are studying. 


936.273.7404 | |

Math Homework Lab | Building F, F234

Hours | Map | Services

The Math Homework Lab offers in-person and online Math tutoring for a broad selection of math courses. In-person tutoring services are on a first-come-first-served basis and online support is available via Brainfuse/TutorMatch platform. Math tutors can help you review concepts and identify effective study strategies for mastering course content. Resources available at the lab include textbooks, calculators, and free access to computers.

Note: For tutoring in accounting, visit The HUB 1 (F102).


936.273.7404 |

Biology Homework Lab | Building B, B113

Hours | Map | Services

The Biology Homework Lab offers in-person and online tutoring in biology, microbiology, and anatomy & physiology. Please note, hours vary by subject and tutors' availability. In-person tutoring services are on a first-come, first-served basis and online support is available via Brainfuse/TutorMatch platform. Resources available at the lab include include textbooks, models, bones, digital microscopes, and slides.

Note: For tutoring in physics, chemistry, and geology, visit The HUB 1 (F102). 


936.273.7404 |

The HUB | Building F, F102 & F112

Hours | Map | Services

The HUB consists of two rooms that offer comfortable and inviting spaces to access valuable student resources.

HUB 1 (F102) offers in-person tutoring services in accounting and most science courses. Please note, hours vary by subject and tutors’ availability.

HUB 2 (F112) offers academic success workshops and one-on-one academic coaching sessions. Students can develop and sharpen the skills necessary for success at the college level such as time management, study planning, effective note-taking, and more!


936.273.7404 | |

LSC-Conroe Center Library | Academic Building, CC103

Hours | Map | Library Services | CC Tutoring Services

The library offers access to the physical collection (books, DVDs, CDs, etc.), computer stations, item checkout, library cards (student/employee IDs), course reserves, open study space, and more.

Librarians are available online to assist students with developing research skills and strategies, identifying resources needed for an assignment, locating and using academic databases, and selecting items from the library’s physical collection.

Note: Tutoring services at Conroe Center are separate from STAR Center Tutoring. Click on CC Tutoring Services above for details.


Service Desk/Circulation: 936.521.4518 |

Research Help: 936.273.7390 |

STAR Center Guidelines

The following guidelines apply in all STAR Center spaces.

  • Pets and emotional support animals are not allowed in the STAR Center.
  • Service animals are welcome; however, must remain under the control of the owner at all times. The animal must be harnessed or leashed unless the harness/leash interferes with the task the animal is trained to perform. If the animal is disruptive, aggressive, or creates a distraction, the owner will be asked to remove the animal from the premises until s/he is able to maintain control of the animal. Multiple complaints may result in the animal being banned until the owner can provide proof that the animal has been properly trained.
  • Cell phone use in the STAR Center is allowed as long as it is not disturbing other patrons. Talking is not allowed in the Quiet Study Area.
  • Patrons engaging in long and/or loud conversations in open study areas will be asked to relocate to the patio or Building F lobby. 
  • Generally, STAR Center staff will allow patrons to complete a conversation as the patron is walking into the STAR Center, answer and complete a short call received while already seated, or engage in a longer conversation if it is not disturbing other patrons.
  • Patrons texting with the sound engaged on their phones will be asked to turn their phones to silent or vibrate if the “pings” are disturbing other patrons.
  • LSC Board policy (II.D.1.05) prohibits the conducting of business or commercial activities on LSC property, including the sale of products or services, such as private tutoring services. Please refer to the board policy for a complete list of exceptions.
  • The setup of collection bins to collect items for charity is only allowed by Lone Star College affiliated organizations and clubs. 
  • Collection efforts are limited to one organization at a time and for a period of not more than one month.
  • Donation collection bins must be approved by STAR Center staff prior to setup and  must be:
    • clearly marked with collecting organization's name, contact information, and the duration of the collection period (start and end date);
    • set up in the designated collection area; and
    • emptied regularly.
  • Food and covered drinks are allowed in the  STAR Center  as long as they are consumed discreetly and do not disturb other patrons.
  • Patrons eating noisy, messy, or fragrant foods will be asked to leave the STAR Center until the food is consumed. 
  • Eating messy or fragrant foods in the Biology Homework Lab is prohibited.
  • ALL drinks must be covered.
  • Individuals working in groups of two or more will be asked to relocate to a study room or to the tutoring area if they are disturbing others and space is available.
  • If a group is asked to relocate, the STAR Center staff member will assist the group in locating an appropriate space.
  • Groups can check out a laptop for use in the study rooms if needed.
  • Talking is not allowed in the Quiet Study Areas.
  • LSC students have priority for study room use.
  • Study rooms can be reserved ahead of time or requested in-person at the Service Desk.
  • Check-in at the Service Desk is required.
  • Reservations will be held for up to 15 minutes past the reservation time.
  • Whiteboard kits (markers, spray, etc.) are available at the Service Desk upon request.
  • Items left unattended for more than 10 minutes will be removed and placed at the Service Desk.
  • Study rooms should be left clean for the next group (i.e., disposing of trash, erasing the board, etc.).
  • Any borrowed materials must be returned to the Service Desk.
  • Minors aged 15 and under on College premises must be supervised by a parent, legal guardian, or authorized responsible adult unless the Board has approved a variance to this requirement. Unaccompanied Minors aged 15 and under will be reported to College police and an officer will attempt to locate the minor’s parent/guardian to accompany or remove the child. Please refer to the board policy for information on variances. LSC Board policy (II.D.2.01)
  • Smoking and other use of tobacco products is prohibited on the campus proper. Smoking or vaping is restricted to the student parking lots. LSC Board Policy (IV.F.8.4.)
  • To maintain a learning-focused environment, non-departmental solicitations, and advertisements are not allowed in STAR Center spaces, including but not limited to student organizations or community events  or job postings.
  • Student ID cards are issued to students currently enrolled in credit, continuing education, and dual credit courses. All students must provide the following:
    • Government-Issued Photo ID,
    • Student ID Number, and
      • Student ID numbers can be found in the upper right-hand section of the student's MyLoneStar homepage.
    • Proof of Current Registration.
      • Class schedules can be shown in print or via a digital device, such as a phone or tablet.
  • The LSC Library barcode is included on the back of the Student ID card and provides access to the library's print and electronic resources.
  • Replacement Student IDs are available for $10.
    • All students seeking a replacement Student ID must provide the following:
      • Government-Issued Photo ID,
      • Student ID Number,
      • Proof of Current Registration, and
      • Receipt for Replacement Student ID Fee from the Business Office.
  • Scheduling
    • Tutoring sessions are generally limited to 30-40 minutes. 
    • If additional assistance is needed, students must sign in again.
  • Attendance / Late Arrival / No-shows / Cancellation 
    • Students are expected to arrive on time.
    • Late Arrivals: If a student arrives late to a session, the session will end at the scheduled time. The session will not be extended to account for the late arrival. If a student arrives 10 minutes or more after the scheduled start time, the appointment will be canceled, and must be rescheduled by the student.
    • No-Shows: Failing to log in to an appointment will be recorded as a “no-show”. Students who receive more than two “no-shows” will not be able to schedule a session until they communicate with staff.
    • Cancellation: Sessions must be canceled at least 2 hours prior to the session start time. Failure to cancel an appointment 2 hours prior to the appointment will result in a “no-show”.
  • Session Expectations
    • Think about what you want to accomplish during your visit and let the tutor know.  
    • Have copies of any relevant materials (syllabi, assignment sheets, papers, textbooks, etc.) accessible for the session.
    • Give yourself enough time to complete the assignment. If your assignment is due the same day as your tutoring session, we may only be able to provide limited help.
    • All student-tutor interactions must remain professional and respectful. 
    • For online tutoring sessions, students must have their audio and/or video functions operating and be in a distraction-free environment that is professional and conducive to learning. 
  • Academic Integrity: Students may not seek tutoring help for any assignment for which the instructor has forbidden assistance. The LSC-Montgomery Tutors or administrative staff must receive written permission from instructors to allow tutors to assist on any assignment labeled “exam,” “test,” “quiz,” or “take-home”. Any student found in violation of this policy will be reported for investigation and disciplinary action under the College’s Academic Misconduct Policy. You can find more information on these policies:
  • The use of speakers on electronic devices is NOT allowed in the open study areas. 
  • Patrons listening to sound/video recordings on a computer or personal device will be directed to check-out earphones at the circulation desk or move to a study room if one is available.
  • Earphone sound should be kept at a reasonable level to avoid disturbing other patrons. Patrons with significant amounts of sound “leaking” from earphones will be asked to reduce the volume.
  • Patrons can listen to sound on device speakers in the study rooms as long as the sound does not disturb others outside of the study room.