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Faculty & Staff Maker Guides


Melissa Heselmeyer

Librarian | Associate Professor

936.273.7020 |

Skills & Interest: Graphic design, Sprout, I can lip sync like nobody's business

Sarah Palacios-Wilhelm

Dean, Academic Support

936.272.7392 | 

Skills & Interest: Graphic design, Video and Audio Editing, Knitting, Basic Book Making, Web Design, Legos, & Robotics - Generally likes learning new things and figuring out how to make stuff work

Monica Cammack

Adjunct Librarian

936.273.7390 |

Skills & Interest: 3D printing


Brian Wilson

Adjunct Librarian

936.273.7390 |

Skills & Interest: Audio and Video production/editing

Student Maker Guides

Coming soon! Interested in becoming a Maker Guide? Email us at and let us know what you'd like to help others make.