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The purpose of the MavericksMake makerspace is to provide the tools and resources that enable students to become active contributors to the academic conversation. This space is designed to create a context that supports the application of the concepts and theories taught in the classroom through the process of creating. Through the development of the maker mindset, we hope to foster innovation and encourage students to become agents of change in their personal lives, professional environments, and local community.


  • The makerspace is available to current Lone Star College-Montgomery students, with a current LSC ID ages 14 and up.

  • An adult must accompany users under age 14 at all times. Users 14-17 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the agreement form and liability waiver.

  • At this time, the use of the makerspace is limited to projects directly related to course assignments. Students must complete the project description section of the reservation form and may be asked to provide a copy of the assignment or additional documentation.


  • The makerspace opens 30 mins after the library’s regular opening time and closes 30 mins before the library’s regular closing time.

  • No more than eight people may be in the makerspace room at one time, and no more than 5 in the one button studio.

  • The makerspace and studio will be “checked out” to an individual using a current LSC ID. This individual will be considered the main user and is responsible for any damage or misuse of the equipment, even if a group is working on a project together.

  • The spaces are available to one user/group at a time on a first come, first served basis. Librarians may allow more than one group in the makerspace at their discretion, as long as the total number of users does not exceed eight.

  • Users must not leave the rooms unattended.

  • The library staff will do a walk through of the rooms and equipment check before the key can be returned.

  • Food or drinks are not allowed in the makerspace production areas or studio. Drinks are allowed but limited to the center work table. All drinks MUST be covered.


  • Users can reserve the rooms via the MavericksMake Reservation Form.

  • Reservation requests must be submitted 24 hours in advance. 

  • The spaces are only available for use Monday - Friday. 

  • The key may only be checked out to the individual who made the reservation.

  • Reservations will be released if the student(s) do not arrive within 15 minutes of the reservation time.

  • The makerspace may be reserved in 30-minute increments up to 3 hours at a time. If the user requires additional time past their originally reservation time and there is space available, the user may receive additional time in 30-minute increments.

  • Users must leave the room 30 minutes before the next reservation.

  • Please be respectful to the next person coming to use the makerspace area. Save your work in a timely manner. Please note that larger files take longer to save and print.

Use of Makerspace Equipment and Resources

General Guidelines

  • If user is having trouble with the equipment, please notify the staff at the Service Desk for assistance. Staff may not be able to resolve the issue immediately.

  • Library staff will assist patrons in using the makerspace resources to the extent that time, other duties, and patron demands allow.

  • Library staff is not available to assist in the transporting or transferring of supplies or equipment to and from the makerspace.

  • User must provide their own external storage devices and/or media. All images, videos, recordings and projects will be removed from the makerspace stations after use.

  • It is the responsibility of the user to delete and/or remove any of their files (digital or print) from library equipment in the makerspace. The LSC-Montgomery Library is not responsible for equipment or files (digital or print) left behind.

  • Any work saved on the makerspace computers will be deleted once you are logged off and cannot be recovered.

  • Tools and equipment do not leave the makerspace without permission.

  • Equipment is checked out on a first-come-first-served basis.


3D Printer

  • The 3D printer is available for educational use so long as the printed objects do not violate Lone Star College policies and comply with U.S. copyright, patent, and other intellectual policy regulations, as well as all local, state, and federal laws.

    • NOTICE WARNING CONCERNING COPYRIGHT AND OTHER LEGAL RESTRICTIONS. The copyright (Title 17, United States Code), intellectual property (patent law for example under Title 35, United States Code) and other laws of the United States may govern the making of photocopies or other reproductions of content protected by copyright, patent and other laws. Libraries and archives furnish unsupervised photocopy or reproducing equipment for the convenience of and use by patrons. Under 17 U.S.C. § 108(f)(2) the provision of unsupervised photocopy or reproducing equipment for use by patrons does not excuse the person who uses the reproduction equipment from liability for copyright infringement for any such act, or for any later use of such copy or phonorecord, if it exceeds fair use as provided by section 107 or any other provision of the copyright law, nor does the provision of unsupervised photocopy or reproducing equipment for use by patrons excuse the person who uses the reproducing equipment from liability for patent, tort (such as products liability) or other laws. This institution reserves the right to refuse to make available or provide access to photocopy or other reproducing equipment if, in its judgment, use of such equipment would involve violation of copyright, patent or other laws.

  • At the time of their first use, users are required to complete an orientation to the 3D printing station.

  • Print jobs cannot exceed 3 hours. Librarians can authorize longer print jobs on a case by case basis. If, after completing the design, the print job will exceed the remainder of the student’s reservation time, s/he will have to make a subsequent appointment to initiate the printing process.

  • Print projects must comply with the manufacturer's terms of use.


Poster Printer

  • The poster printer is available free of charge to students.

  • All print jobs must be related to a course assignment or academic project.

  • To prevent waste, users should carefully review all materials before printing.

Cameras (GoPro and Camcorder)

  • User must complete the Equipment Use Agreement and Liability Waiver at the time of checkout.

  • User is responsible for formatting the memory card before returning the item.

  • The cameras can be checked out four days at a time, with one renewal. Late fees are $15/day.


  • User must comply with all safety guidelines listed in the online MavericksMake Makerspace guide.

  • A small first aid kit and fire extinguisher is available in the room.

  • User must notify library staff immediately in the event of an emergency or injury.

The complete guidelines can be found here: MavericksMake Guidelines and Use Agreement

Computer Use

  • User agrees to comply with the Lone Star College Computer Use policy.

  • User agrees to comply with hardware and software licensing agreements.

  • User agrees not to modify any hardware or software on the makerspace computers and equipment.


  • User must comply with US copyright law.

  • Notice: The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. The person using this equipment is responsible for any infringement.‚Äč

  • User should be aware that personal ideas shared in an open lab setting are not protected by copyright and should consider the use of nondisclosure agreements when working with confidential information.


  • User must review and sign the Liability Waiver.

  • The LSC-M Library is not responsible for damage to a user’s disk or computer, nor for the loss of data or information, nor for liability that occurs from the use of the library’s internet connection, library software, or hardware.

Fines and Fees for Equipment

Damaged Items:

  • If any item in the makerspace is found to be in a permanently unusable or damaged condition beyond reasonable wear and tear after the user has finished using the makerspace, the user will be subject to a charge that includes the price of replacing the item.


Missing or Stolen Equipment:

  • If any item in the makerspace is missing or stolen after the user has finished using the makerspace the space, the user will be subject to a charge that includes the price of replacing the item.

User Agreement

First-time users must read the makerspace Guidelines and sign the agreement form stating that they will comply with the rules and that they are financially responsible for any misuse or damage to makerspace equipment. They are also required to complete an orientation to the makerspace.

Violation of the rules, responsibilities, and agreements set forth in these guidelines, may result in disciplinary action. At the descretion of the library staff, loss of makerspace privlieges for violation of these guidelines may occur. Severe violations of system policies may result in disciplinary actions from the Library, College, or legal action as defined by those policies.