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Human Services Research Guide

Library Catalog



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Browse the Collection

Items in the library are organized by subject using the Library of Congress classification system.

To browse the Human Services collection, look for items in this call number range:


HV 40-69 Social Services HV 4023 -4470 Poor in Cities
HV 697-4959 Protection, Assistance and Relief HV 4480-4630 Mendicancy
HV 701-1420 Protection, Assistance and Relief (Children) HV 5001-5720 Alcoholism
HV 1551-3024 People with Disabilities HV 5800-5840 Drug Habits

Recommended Items

Reading Call Numbers

Items in the library are organized by call number. The call number is like an address for the item and allows you to quickly locate items. The call number for each item is listed in its record in the Library Catalog. 

Anatomy of a Call Number

BA 276 .O89 1998
Complete call number. The first two letters correspond to the subject area; look for these first. Read the numbers before the dot as a whole number. A letter follows the dot and the numbers after the dot are read as a decimal. This is the year the item was published.


  • Items marked as "REF" are for in-library use only, but there are copiers and scanners available. Copies cost $.10 a page. Scanners are free to use, but remember to bring a USB to save your files.
  • The record will indicate if the item is in a special collection. Items in a special collection are shelved together and are not apart of the regular collection. Lone Star College-Montgomery library has special collection areas for Music, Foreign Language, Leisure Reading, the Student Success and Career Collection, Periodicals, and the Children's Collection.