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Physics Research Guide

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Items in the library are organized by subject using the Library of Congress classification system.

To browse the Physics collection, look for items in this call number range:

QC 1-999 Physics

QC 1-75 General QC 501-766 Electricity and magnetism
QC 81-114 Weights and measures QC 669-675 Electromagnetic theory
QC 120-168 Descriptive and experimental mechanics QC 676-678 Radio waves
QC 170-197 Atomic physics QC 701-715 Electric discharge
QC 221-246 Acoustics.Sound QC 750-766 Magnetism
QC 251-338 Heat QC 770-798 Nuclear and particle physics
QC 310-319 Thermodynamics QC 794-798 Radioactivity and radioactive substances
QC 350-467 Optics. Light QC 801-809 Geophysics
QC 450-467 Spectroscopy QC 811-849 Geomagnetism
QC 474-496 Radiation physics

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