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Student Projects

Student Project Gallery

See what students have created in the LSC-Montgomery Library's MavericksMake Makerspace!

Student Projects


BrightMatter Servo Vascular 3D Visualization Software
Radiologic Technology Radiology Technology
Poster Printer Poster Printer
Brain MRI Machine 2
Radiologic Technology Radiologic Technology
3D Printer 3D Printer
MRI Machine 1 Streptococcus pyogenes Model
Radiologic Technology Prof. Jackson, Microbiology
3D Printer 3D Printer
Wind Turbine Project
Prof. Smith, Environmental Biology
3D Printer
3D Computed Tomography Poster and 3D Bone Section
Radiologic Technology, Texas Society of Radiologic Technologists - 2016 Annual Meeting
3D Printer, Production Station, and Poster Printer
Tiny Robot
3D Printer

3D Creativity Station