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Strategies for Success

How to Research

Getting Started


  1. Determine what the topic of your paper will be. Do some initial background research before choosing your topic so that you know more about the subject and know what information is available.
  2. Search the library's catalog to find books, eBooks, DVDs and CDs. Search the library's databases to find scholoarly articles. Find out more about how to search for books and how to search for articles.
  3. Cite your sources! Need help with citations? Go to our Citation Help page or visit a librarian!

Finding Resources

Why can't I just Google it?


How can I search for a book or article on my own?

The library has online tutorials for students to learn how to search the Library Catalog and the Library Databases.


How are the items on the shelf organized?

Items in the library are organized by subject using the Library of Congress classification system:


What is a library Database?


How to Evaluate Web Resources