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Physical Therapy Research Guide

Research Databases



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Recommended Databases

Access LSC-Montgomery Library's research databases to search for articles, ebooks, images and film. Databases are grouped by subject, such as Health and Medicine to expedite your research.

Additional Web Databases

Web databases that are open to public. NOTE: If you see a price to view full text, ask a librarian to request that the article be sent free from another library via interlibrary loan.

What is a scholarly article?

Assignments often require the use of scholarly or peer-reviewed articles. Scholarly resources, such as journal articles, have distinct characteristics when compared to popular resources, such as magazine and newspaper articles. Here is a guide to identifying popular and scholarly resources:

Popular Resources Scholarly Resources
Purpose Entertain or Inform Present Research
Format Glossy, colorful pages with lots of advertisements Plain, black-and-white pages with graphs and tables; very few ads
Language Written in every-day language Formal, field specific
Audience General Public Professionals in the field, Faculty, and Students
Citations Full citations generally not included Full citations required
Examples People Magazine, Journal of Psychology, JAMA
Peer-reviewed resources have been reviewed by other professionals in the field before being published. Not all scholarly resources are peer-reviewed. Many databases allow users to limit the results to include only peer-reviewed materials. If you are not sure if a source is peer-reviewed, contact a librarian for help.

What is evidence-based research?

Information that is evidence-based involves material that is quantative rather than theoretical or qualitative. Medical professionals depend on evidence-based research in order to make the right decisions for patient care.

In defining evidence-based research, the information is based on sound research rather than an individual's viewpoint. As students preparing for professional positions in the medical field, this requires to you evaluate the resources that are available. These unbiased articles show extensive data and information that was observed so that the researcher can formulate their own conclucions.


Tips for locating: CINAHL database contains "Evidence-Based Care Sheets" covering a wide span of topics in nursing and allied health. 

In other databases, look for limiters within that let you control "research-based," "scholarly," "academic," or "peer-reviewed" literature. Also, ask a librarian.