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Introduction to College Research Part 1

Meet Your Librarians

Lead Librarian for BASS

Melissa Heselmeyer | Reference Librarian/Associate Professor | 936.273.7020 | Office: F-135

Education: MSLS & MS, University of North Texas; BS, Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State University

Subject Librarian forAccounting, Administrative Services, Business, Computer Information Technology, Criminal Justice, Economics, Geography, Government, History, Human Services, Land Surveying, Law, Management, Marketing, Political Science, and Sociology. 

Professional Experience

2015 - Present | Reference Librarian/Associate Professor, Lone Star College-Montgomery

2014 - 2015 | Part-Time Reference Librarian, Lone Star College-Montgomery

2013 | Intern, Lone Star College-Montgomery Library

2011 - 2012 | Library Specialist I, Texas A&M University 

2009 - 2011 | Library Specialist II, Texas A&M University 

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Lead Librarian for BELS

Angela Colmenares | Reference Librarian/Associate Professor | 936.273.7091| Office: F-136

Education: MSLS, University of North Texas; MEd, University of Houston; BA, English, University of Houston; AA, Lone Star College System

Subject Librarian forAnthropology, Communication/Journalism, English, English as a Second Language, Fire Science, Library Science, Modern Language, Philosophy, Psychology, Sign Language, and Speech. 

Professional Experience

2014 - Present | Reference Librarian / Associate Professor, Lone Star College-Montgomery

2012 - 2014 | Instruction Librarian / Assistant Professor, Sam Houston State University

2009 - 2011 | Circulation Specialist III, Lone Star College-Montgomery

2006 - 2009 | Adjunct English Professor, Lone Star College System

Publications and Presentations

Cassidy, E., Colmenares, A., Jones, G., Manolowitz, T., Shen, L., & Vieira. S. (2014). Higher Education and Emerging Technologies: Shifting Trends in Student Usage. Journal of Academic Librarianship 40(2). 124-133.

Cassidy, E., Colmenares, A., & Martinez, M. (2014). So text me -- maybe: A rubric assessment of librarian behavior in SMS reference services. Reference & User Services Quarterly 53(4). 300-312.

Colmenares, A. (2013). Noodlers in Missouri: Fishing for identity in a rural subculture. [Book Review]. The Journal of American Culture, 36(3), pp.251–252. Available at:

Colmenares, A. (2013). The modern vampire and human identity [Book Review].  The Journal of American Culture, 36(4), pp.402–403. Available at:

Colmenares, A. (2014). The time of our lives: “Dirty Dancing” and popular culture [Book Review]. The Journal of American Culture, 37(2), pp.259–260. Available at:

Colmenares, A. & Cassidy, E. (2014). Making Tenure: A Model for Collaborative Publishing. Presented at American Library Association Annual Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Available at

Colmenares, A., Campbell, D. Ramin, L., & Hill, V. (2014). Embedding Librarians in Virtual Communities. Presented at American Library Association Annual Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Available at

Colmenares, A. (2014). Technology for Flipping the Classroom. ACRL Instruction Section Tips and Trends. Available at: 

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Lead Librarian for NaSH

Arwen Meador | Reference Librarian/Associate Professor | 936.273.7490 | Office: F-142

Education: MLIS, University of North Texas; BA, Political Science, Sam Houston State University

Subject Librarian forBiology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Emergency Medical Services, Engineering, Geology, Kinesiology, Nursing, Pharmacy Technology, Physical Therapy, Physics, and Radiology Technology. 

Professional Experience

2018 - Present | Reference Librarian/Associate Professor, Lone Star College-Montgomery

2015 - 2018 | Health & Life Sciences Librarian/Instructional Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University 

2014 - 2015 | Part-time Reference Librarian, University of St. Thomas-Houston

2013 - 2015 | Circulation/Reference Librarian, University of Houston-Downtown

2007 - 2013 | Assistant Branch/Reference Librarian, Harris County Public Library

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Lead Librarian for TEAM

Monica CammackMonica Cammack | Reference Librarian/Assistant Professor | 936.273.7487 | Office: F-144

Education: MLIS, Texas Woman's University; BS, Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Texas at Arlington

Subject Librarian forArts & Humanities, Automotive Technology, Child Development & Family Studies, Dance, Drafting, Drama, Education & Human Development, Live Entertainment Technology, Machining, Math, Music, Theater, Visual Communications, and Welding. 

Professional Experience

2018 - Present | Reference Librarian / Assistant Professor, Lone Star College-Montgomery

2015 - 2017 | Part-time Reference Librarian, Lone Star College-Montgomery

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Dean, Academic Support & Libraries

Sarah Palacios-Wilhelm | Dean of Academic Support | 936.273.7393| Office: F-164

Education: MEd, The George Washington University; MS, Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; BA, Philosophy, The George Washington University


Professional Experience

2016 - Present | Dean, Academic Support & Libraries, Lone Star College-Montgomery

2014 - 2016 | Director, Library, Lone Star College-Montgomery

2012 - 2014 | Reference Librarian/Associate Professor, Lone Star College-Montgomery

2009 - 2012 | Government Information Specialist, Rice University

2006 - 2008 | Reference and Instruction Librarian, The George Washington University

2001 - 2006 | Circulation and Reference Coordinator, The George Washington University

Publications and Presentations

Beers, E., Gaspar, D. & Palacios-Wilhelm, S. (2011). User Experience as Professional Development: Transforming Services Through Collaborative Assessment Contributed Paper Accepted for Presentation.  Philadelphia, PA : ACRL Annual Conference

Edwards, E. & Palacios-Wilhelm, S. (2008). Two Programs, One Service: Recursive Assessment in the Gelman Library System's IM Reference Service. Virtual Poster Session for the MARS Management of Electronic Resources and Services Committee. Anaheim, CA: ALA Annual Conference Available at:

Gaspar, D. & Palacios-Wilhelm, S. (2008). IMplementing IM @ Reference: The GW Experience In L. Cohan (Ed.) Library 2.0 Initiatives in Academic Libraries. (pp. 133-144 ) Chicago: ALA

Hodges, A. & Palacios-Wilhelm, S. (2007). Reclaiming our collaborative past: How instant messaging has brought us back together. Presented at Collaborative Virtual Reference Conference, Denver, CO

Gaspar, D., Maldonaldo, L. & Palacios-Wilhelm, S. (2006). Virtual Reference IM Chat and Beyond: Taking Reference Services Outside the Library. Presented at Computers In Libraries Conference, Washington, DC

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